Mountain View High School Unveils New, Upgraded Automotive Facility

Mountain View High School Auto Program

OREM, Utah  – The automotive course at Mountain View High School just got a major upgrade to its classroom.

After a lot of TLC, the high school’s mechanics garage was transformed into a state-of-the-art facility where students can learn the skills to take care of their own vehicles, and perhaps even start down the path of a career.

It’s the only automotive classroom in The Beehive State’s largest school district, and it includes eight vehicle bays for a fully-immersive experience for students.

“All people should learn these skills,” said MVHS automotive instructor Robert Brett Woffinden. “I think that if they can start young in high school, they might even find that it can be something they want to do for a career.”

“If not,” he added, “at least they’ve learned basics to take care of their own car.”

He said he hopes the new facilities will help students to tap into their passions in addition to giving them real-world experience.

“There are so many things we can do with these skills,” Woffinden said. “I just want these kids to discover if that’s something that they have or something that they want.”

For the open house, the school had a car dealer, an automotive YouTuber and a Lamborghini mechanic on hand to check things out and answer student questions about the business.

Any student in the Alpine School District can enroll in Mountain View’s automotive courses.