Scholarships For Students Ready To Turn Their Passions Into A Career In The Diesel Tech Industry

Utah Diesel Tech Pathways (UDTP) is excited to announce the launch of a scholarship essay contest in support of students dedicated to building a career in the diesel tech industry. Through this scholarship, UDTP hopes to inspire more passionate and hard-working individuals to enter the industry and progress toward a meaningful and rewarding career.

Regional Scholarships Of Toolsets Will Be Awarded Semi-Annually

Who Is Eligible

To be eligible, applicants must show proof of enrollment in a diesel tech program at a university or technical college in Utah. Scholarship applicants must be in pursuit of a career in diesel tech with one of the UDTP industry partners. High school seniors as well as adult learners are eligible to apply, but must be currently enrolled or show proof of intent to attend one of the previously mentioned institutions. All applicants must have received, (or be in the process of attaining), their high school diploma or GED. All applicants must be U.S. citizens, or be a legal permanent resident with work eligibility status.

How to Enter

Anyone who fits the eligibility requirements listed above can apply for the Utah Diesel Tech Pathways scholarship. To enter, applicants must answer all four questions below, using complete sentences. Please be mindful of the indicated word-count for each question.

  • Why have you chosen a career path in the diesel tech industry? (Approximately 200 words)

  • What role do you feel that the diesel tech industry has in the future of your community? (Approximately 200 words)

  • Discuss a time when you fixed something vehicle or machinery related. Did you enjoy it? What was your favorite part of the process? How did you feel after the project was complete? (Approximately 200 words)

  • What area of the industry intrigues you the most? Describe your ideal career.

How to Apply

All application documents must be submitted via the form at the bottom of this page.

A Few More Details

Deadline for Submissions:

The scholarship submission deadline is July 1st, for the fall semester and November 15th, for the spring semester. The UDTP scholarship committee will review all submissions received via email and choose one winner for both the fall and academic semesters. Once the winner has been selected, they will be contacted directly by UDTP by August 1st for the fall semester scholarship and December 15th for the spring semester scholarship.

Selection Process and Notification:

The UDTP scholarship committee will review all submissions received and one winner will be chosen for the fall and spring academic semesters. Once the winner has been determined, the UDTP scholarship committee will notify the winner via email and the winner will be also be announced publicly on UDTP social media sites.

Additional Details:

The awarded scholarship toolset ($1000) is to be used for coursework in an affiliated UDTP education partner program. Proof of current or upcoming enrollment is required prior to receiving the toolset. Once the scholarship recipient is chosen, the cash award will be transferred as a credit to a participating tool supplier, who will assist the winner with customizing their toolset. Recipients are only eligible to receive the scholarship once during their lifetime.


Any questions about the scholarship essay contest can be directed to

Scholarship Application